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Sunrise UPC enters partnership with Anapaya Systems and now offers SCION solutions for secure connectivity

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09.11.2021 / 10:00

  • Sunrise UPC and Anapaya Systems are entering into a long-term partnership.
  • SCION (Scalability, Control and Isolation on Next-Generation Networks) is a new, state-of-the-art technology developed at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, in collaboration with Anapaya Systems.
  • Sunrise UPC is now expanding its business portfolio to include SCION solutions for secure connectivity between multiple locations and for controlling how data is transmitted.

Data security is a topic of central importance for every company. Every day, companies and organizations exchange data between offices and employees. Data transport entails many risks, and security measures are of crucial importance in B2B communication.

«We are proud to offer our business customers SCION solutions as a new partner of Anapaya Systems. With this innovation, we are offering companies the ideal solution for secure, trustworthy and controlled data transport, within a predefined community between different institutions,» says André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC.

«We are pleased to have Sunrise UPC on board as a long-term partner and important supporter of SCION. Together, we are making communication networks more secure for companies, thanks to our leading-edge technological solutions,» says Anapaya CEO Martin Bosshardt.

Anapaya Systems AG is a Swiss company with the goal of building an international ecosystem offering SCION-based services for more reliable, secure and powerful network connections. Their solutions offer companies around the globe a way to transport critical business data securely and efficiently via the Internet, with the reliability and flexibility of a private network established between company locations, trusted partners and cloud providers.

SCION services provide secure communication between company locations. The structure enables secure, controllable and reliable virtual communication that occurs independently of the provider and takes place over private networks with strong authentication processes.

SCION services are ideally suited for cross-company communication networks in which connections need to be established dynamically and the monitoring of subscribers and data distribution is crucial. Creation of a SCION-ready community based on Sunrise SCION services is simple to achieve, thanks to seamless integration with existing telecommunication services and minimal impact on existing architectures.


Benefits of SCION

  • All users can communicate efficiently with one another in a closed network and using flexible any-to-any architecture.
  • It provides additional protection against cyber risks, such as DDoS attacks and hijacking, when compared to conventional Internet connections.
  • The connections have instant failover measures to keep application sessions going, even if a physical supply line or central resource fails.
  • SCION-based networks enable changes and rapid integrations. They use a real-time, end-to-end path structure, finding the most secure and reliable networking routes.


Secure Swiss Finance Network

To make the financial system even more resilient in the face of cyber risks, in summer 2021 SIX and the Swiss National Bank announced the launch of the «Secure Swiss Finance Network» (SSFN) communication network in November. The SSFN enables secure, flexible and resilient data communication on the basis of the SCION network system. In addition to Anapaya and Sunrise UPC, Switch and Swisscom are also involved in the project as technology partners.


More information about SCION:


Press Release (pdf)

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